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Macau's Gambling-Related Offenses Dropped in 2020

30 November 2020, 17:20
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The adverse tendencies in the casino industry in Macau this year led to a decline in gambling-related crimes. According to the latest casino news, the different kinds of crimes dropped almost proportionally to the revenues.

Macau's Gambling-Related Offenses Dropped in 2020

The whole casino industry in Macau suffers a tough year. The revenues' downfall overpassed 82% level since the beginning of 2020, hitting the city's budget. The Login Casino team has already informed about the adverse financial forecast for the 'Asian Las Vegas' for the upcoming year, and the local governors have to use a special fund to cover the expenses.

However, the negative trends in visitors' numbers led to interesting results in the gambling-related crimes' sphere. Thus, almost all kinds of offenses dropped, while the local police didn't even receive any robbery contacts. At the same time, the law enforcement agencies admitted 23 pickpocketing crimes, which is 85% fewer cases compared to 148 ones in the previous year's same term (nine months).

Among the other positive results is the number of scams. Compared to the first three quarters of the previous year, the number of exchange-like cases dropped by 79%, from 291 to 60. The report also stated that there were 57 loansharking appeals, but it's hard to identify how much of them are related to gambling.

What concerns cheating with casino chips, the number of such cases decreased significantly. There were only three cases compared to 189 in 2019, which is almost a 98.5% decline. The total value of confiscated casino-coins is $2.4 million.

Casinos' closure led to illegal gambling places' increase

Interestingly, the number of illegal places to gamble increased in 2020. Compared to only 11 registered cases in 2019, the number boosted by 373%, up to 52 cases. Nevertheless, that is a quite logical reaction to the lockdown measures that forced Macau's casinos to be closed for months.

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