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Macau Shows Rebirth Tendencies, Rulers Have even Further Plans

29 September 2020, 17:07
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The "Asian Las Vegas" is among the gambling centers that suffered because of global coronavirus disease. The reopening of the casino venues in July did not help much as the city was almost locked till September. Although this month shows positive numbers, city rules have already planned further steps to accelerate revival.

Macau Shows Rebirth Tendencies, Rulers Have even Further Plans

The latest casino news informed that the partial retrieval of the Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) functioning since the end of August helped Macau to meet more visitors, but the gambling industry was still in the resounding knockout. However, the Chinese tourists showed a decrease of interest in gambling venues. Thus, only 17% stated they came to the city for visiting casinos, 32% admitted partial interest in gambling activity, while the remaining 51% arrived for shopping or just vacation.

Even though the visiting Macau's capacity grew from 4 thousand to almost 15 thousand per day after partial IVS resumption, those numbers are still far from the incredible 108 thousand daily visitors the year before. The decline in gambling is also related to the city's visiting time length: only 40% of the tourists checked into the hotel while others return home the same day.

What are the further plans of Macau rulers? 

Returning the IVS to the original status that gives all Chinese provinces' citizens the ability to visit Macau at the end of September has to change the balance. Open borders for the whole China brought almost 37 thousand visitors on September 25, which is way better compared to 15 000 at the beginning of the month. However, the full effect of IVS can be seen only in the upcoming weeks.

Macau governors have huge expectations concerning IVS retrieval and the Golden Week holiday. Nevertheless, not to depend on the outside factors, rulers discussed travel and medical restrictions' possible relaxation. That is the challenging issue as Macau border control is the primary preventive measure, especially towards newcomers from Hong Kong. The authorities will pay special attention to the testing and prepare to do their best to facilitate Macau's financial recovery.

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