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Macau Casinos Can Face Troubles with New Legislative Concession

26 October 2020, 17:49
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The recent 5th concession plan for the casino industry in Macau comes to an end in 2022. By June 2022, all gambling operators have to cope with the renewed legislation rules to continue activity in the “Asian Las Vegas”. It forced casino lawyers to facilitate the process of announcing new requirements to have time to prepare and deal with them.

Macau Casinos Can Face Troubles with New Legislative Concession

According to the latest legislation news in gambling, Macau casinos enter a new stage. As the city's Legislative Assembly (AL) will require renewed rules in 2022, gambling business representatives are warned that new laws will come too late to implement changes. That is why legislators asked the governmental board to present new concession rules as soon as possible in order to avoid problems.

Why do Macau legislators want to facilitate the new concession process?

However, there are a few obstacles to this step. First of all, the AL membership board can be changed in September 2021. This fact can influence legislation changes, which means that gambling facilities will have less than a year to prepare and implement changes. As a rule, such a tiny period isn't enough to provide structural changes, so legislators want to facilitate the process.

At the same time, both governors and casino representatives are focused on recovering the city from lockdown outcomes. Login Casino has already reported about Macau's revenue downfall due to coronavirus-related measures and closing the city for tourists. Even the boarders' opening didn't lead to full recovery, and the city visitors were spending less on gambling.

The disease adds another obstacle to the renewed legislation process as both sides have to adjust to the new reality. However, it can also end with creating new features and requirements that will guarantee safety for casinos and become a modern and well-thought reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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