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Lucky6 Rеview: When the 6th Ball Determines the Winning Amount

4 November 2019, 13:27
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The live games provider, TVBET, has recently presented its newly created product – Lucky6. The modern interpretation of its mechanics combined with an excellent quality of broadcast became a perfect addition to the existing line of products.

Lucky6 Review: When the 6th Ball Determines the Winning Amount

Lucky6 is a perfect game in which the player is offered 48 numbers, 35 of which are raffled randomly. A player can become especially lucky with the help of the last (6th) ball – the payout depends on the place it falls to. The earlier the balls chosen by the player fall, the bigger the winning amount will be.  If the player wants, he/she can increase the number of balls (up to 15). Each round lasts approximately 3 minutes during which the balls are being selected, and every 3 minutes the new game starts.

Key concepts a player needs to know:

  • Odds – numerical coefficient rounded off to three decimal places, which is assigned to a particular type of the game outcome that identifies how many times the player’s bet (on this type of outcome) amount will be increased in order to identify his/her win in case the result of the game and the outcome or conditions match.
  • Bet amount – the sum of money a player offers a betting company to (in case his bet is successful) calculate the winning amount together with odds.
  • Current game – a game on which bets can be currently accepted and the monitor with LIVE broadcasting shows the countdown to the beginning of LIVE broadcast with the raffle of this game.
  • Jackpot – an additional possible bonus to the ticket’s win which falls out randomly. The amount of the current jackpot is displayed on the monitor of the game broadcasting and is raffled within all other games.
  • Lucky6 Jackpot – an additional possible bonus to the ticket’s win which falls out randomly and is replenished form all players’ bet amounts but only within this particular game.

The Lucky6 game welcomes you with the help of an attractive presenter who will be broadcast all the events of the game in a live format. There is always a lottery machine nearby which stirs up the balls and then gives out the results one by one. An additional window with results is constantly updated which makes it easier to monitor the balls that have already fallen out, how many of them are left and what amount of your winning will be when all the 6 balls you have chosen fall out.

How to play Lucky6

Having watched the game process, it becomes clear how all the mechanics works. So, at the very start all the balls are loaded into the lotto-machine where they are stirred up, after which 35 of them will be falling out one by one in turn. The balls have numbers from 1 to 48 and the player is offered to make a bet on one of these numbers before the beginning of the game. After the time for accepting bets is over, the presenter starts the lotto-machine and the process of non-stop stirring up the balls begins. It is important to remember that the earlier the whole combination of 6 balls falls out the bigger the odds and the player’s winning amount will be. Like other TVBET games, Lucky6 is available 24/7 and this special feature makes live games stand out if compared with sports betting where players are pressed for time.

What is needed to start playing:

1. Register;

2. Enter the game you have chosen, select a bet, indicate the sum and place it;

3. The winning sum is determined by the bet amount multiplied by the winning odds.

It is noteworthy that in Lucky6 one can place bets on the following games as well. In this case, a player should choose one of the following games from the list at the bottom left of the broadcast and place a bet on the outcome. This allows saving time as well as play without being distracted from other important stuff. In such a case, if you play online, you have an option to bet on any of the following 9 games, and in land-based versions – up to 4. Besides, to the right of the broadcast one will find the history of the previous raffles where it is possible to see your results.

Lucky6 is now available in the Demo section on the provider’s website, and will soon be added to the platforms of its partners, which have submitted their requests to activate the game.

As mentioned earlier, Euromillions have paid out 170 million pounds to a lucky lottery winner from the United Kingdom.

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