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Lower-House Spanish Lawmakers Received Promotion Cryptoassets

12 October 2020, 15:20
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The Spanish educational platform Tutellus decided to promote blockchain technologies and gifted 350 lower-house Congress members with real cryptocurrencies. The lawmakers received only €1 equivalents of crypto assets on their emails. Miguel Caballero, the founder of Tutellus, expects it to force the Congressmen to review their attitude to new technologies.

Lower-House Spanish Lawmakers Received Promotion Cryptoassets

The issue of new technologies promotion always meets some kind of resistance from the side of governmental bodies. That is often related to generations' problems as older people rarely want to change their mindset and promote new appliances. Even though blockchain is a popular topic for the latest cryptocurrency news, some governors still consider it as something impractical and weird.

To make the situation a bit easier, the founder of Tutellus, Miguel Caballero, decided to surprise Spanish lawmakers. Thus, the local lower-house Congress representatives got unusual emails that informed them about getting €1 equivalents of the cryptoassets. The desire to bring more awareness correlates with Tutellus activity, which is a digital educational platform.

Miguel has decided to use a practical approach, as now curiosity will force the governors to open appropriate websites and get acquainted with basic terms, at least. The same promotion approach was used to boost the interest of the US Congress members, who, however, received $50 Bitcoin equivalents earlier this month.

Why do private parties promote governmental awareness of cryptocurrencies?

Even though new technologies have already become an inevitable part of our life, blockchain and cryptoassets are still a bit of a weird issue. Thus, Warren Buffett, a famous investor and major person in Berkshire Hathaway corporation, considers cryptocurrency as something unnecessary and useless. Simultaneously, the European Union only recently announced the desire to create its own cryptocurrency and wider use of blockchain for faster financial transactions. As one can see, cryptoassets still need some kind of promotion, so one has not to be surprised when similair crypto-gifting case appears in another country.

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