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Lotto Market in China Returns to Normal Rates

3 October 2020, 11:01
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The Chinese lottery market is showing positive changes after the spring downfall. Thus, the local government confirmed the two consecutive months' growth even on the year-over-year (YoY) basis. Login Casino keeps the finger on the latest lottery news pulse to highlight the most important ones for the involved community.

Lotto Market in China Returns to Normal Rates

Despite the fact that the digital gambling sphere rapidly adjusted to the lockdown measures, some of the sectors suffered. As lottery is one of the most traditional gambling entertainment, which relies on the land-based venues, it has felt a decline in the revenues during global quarantine measures. The Chinese lotto market was not an exclusion, which experienced the decrease during spring months but started a certain recovery in July.

Thus, the middle of summer led to an impressive 10.4% increase in year-over-year sales. The government of China pointed out July as the starting point for positive tendency, which continued in August. The latter brought not such crucial numbers, but 2% in YoY could be considered as an affirmative achievement. In total, August sales ended on the $5.55 billion levels.

Bringing more specificity, the Chinese rulers reported about the two most widespread lotteries in more detail. For instance, the Sports Lottery gave $3.17B selling amount, while the second popular one was the Welfare Lottery with its $1.95B sales rate. Among the other popular lotteries were Instant games ($0.38B) and Keno ($0.19B). Interestingly, the first one showed an increasing tendency, while the latter lost some popularity among citizens.

What are the trends and forecasts for Chinese lotteries?

Another portion of statistics was dedicated to digital lotteries, which grew up by 16.7% during the regarded month. Thus, August brought $3.23B sales to lotto operators via online sources. What is more, such a growing pace oversees the global forecast for the Chinese lottery market. Researchers insist on about 10% of the average compound annual growth rate till 2027 in the country. However, recent numbers certainly are mirroring the situation in 2020, when drastic downfalls are replaced with splashy increases. At the same time, the digitizing trend is the logical reaction of the market on both technological development and safety measures.

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