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Lottery Fund Helps St Edmund’s Church with its Restoration

11 September 2019, 15:18
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The Heritage Fund has given St Edmund’s Church in Roundhay a £60,000 grant to help with its restoration.

Lottery Fund Helps St Edmund’s Church with its Restoration

The money will be used for repairing the roof of the church to ensure the building is waterproof. This grant will also help to enhance community education and engagement and communications through electronic mass media and church information signage.

Richard Brett who coordinates the project of restoration thanked the Heritage Fund for their support. According to him, community activity has been concentrated in St Edmund’s Church over the past years, and it is great to know it will be able to save it for future generations.

It is known that this grade II church holds diverse cultural events and brings in thousands of visitors every year.

After the project of restoration is brought to a close, the church will again hold all these events.

Vicar of the church Rev Nigel Wright also expressed his gratitude to the Heritage Fund team for their contribution. He also said the church will be in use by people in the future thanks to this grant.

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