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Lotteries in Spain Raised Ad Spendings, Gambling also on Rise

9 October 2020, 17:25
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The Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA) presented the numbers concerning ads spendings in Spain during the previous year. The gambling sector showed a steady increase, while state lotteries were promoting their production most actively. Login Casino presents an overview of the results and compares the numbers in relation to other lottery news and trends in gambling.

Lotteries in Spain Raised Ad Spendings, Gambling also on Rise

The issue of advertising in gambling, and lotteries in particular, is a pain for all the sides of the problem. Thus, gaming providers and operators want wider promotion of their products as it facilitates the sales process. Governmental regulatory bodies are against such activity because ludomania now is often compared to the addictions to alcohol or drugs, which is a serious social problem. Customers are under the crossfire, which plays a tricky role as newly appeared ads methods usually trigger clients even tougher.

In this regard, the review of the advertising situation in Spain looks rather interesting. For instance, two major lotteries in this country that are under state control were the most active participants in the overall gambling ads increase. According to AEA's report, 10.8% of gaming advertising growth in 2019 is about €145 million outlay. It creates some kind of cognitive dissonance as Spain implemented the Royal Decree on gambling advertising this year.

To be more specific, the state's primary lottery brands, ONCE and SELAE, are not affected by governmental limitations. In 2019, ONCE had spent almost €50 million on the advertising of its lottery products, which led to a sales increase of 4.4% and reached €2.25 billion. The sales growth was almost €100 million.

SELAE also ignores the Royal Decree prohibition and has signed a partnership with the local Radio and Television Corporation to expand its advertising network. A few months ago, they also reached a couple of sports sponsorship agreements, while gambling firms' promotion is forbidden in Spain.

Why are Spanish lotteries spending much on advertising?

Two facts can explain such a tendency. The first is the state proprietary of the lotteries, which cannot conflict with other governmental institutions. It leads to the situation when private gambling firms meet several restrictions while state lotteries can even increase their influence. The second is the gambling tendencies in the Spanish community. Thus, the latest report by the University Carlos III of Madrid showed that lotteries are the most popular gambling sphere in Spain. It makes sense to develop this direction and keep under strict governmental control.

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