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Lotteries Are in Priority among Lithuanian Gamblers, Survey Says

17 November 2020, 16:58
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The Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority (GSA) held a survey dedicated to gambling preferences among the state's citizens. Most of them like lotteries and even are not against lotto advertisement, while being against the promotion of other gambling activities. Learn more details about the survey and why it is a positive sign for the lottery news' representatives.

Lotteries Are in Priority among Lithuanian Gamblers, Survey Says

The GSA organized the survey among the adults and found interesting gambling tendencies among their citizens. Thus, the interest in lotteries fell from 51% in the previous year to 43%. However, this number is way bigger than Lithuanians' interest in other gambling activity, which is reported to be only 12%.

At the same time, most of the citizens (56%) supported the idea to increase the minimum age for buying diverse lotteries, allowing access to tickets from 18 only, while now this number is two years lower. Interestingly, the most likely to participate in lotto activity are aged between 40 and 49.

The majority of the lotto participants - 88% - prefer land-based retail purchase, while the rest are using digital ways. The popularity of lotteries in Lithuania is also supported by the fact that the majority of citizens support lotto advertising, with only 22% against it. It is a relatively small number as 76% supported ad reduction concerning other gambling ads, and about half of the respondents are ready to close gambling promotion totally.

Other interesting facts about Lithuanians' gambling preferences

What relates to non-lottery gambling, the numbers are the following. Citizens began playing slots more (from 33% in 2019 to 47% now); sports betting didn't change significantly (from 30% to 29%); while mortar-and-brick casinos fell downfall (from 32% to 26%). Those results are tightly related to the impact of lockdown, where the overall trend of turning online isn't surprising (from 38% to 41%).

There were also some issues with no dominant opinion. Thus, 51% understand the financial importance of gambling for the national economy. 53% didn't see gambling advertising, and the same number of respondents supported the ads that inform about potential dangers of gambling. Also, 74% believe that gambling can lead to uncontrolled ludomania with adverse outcomes.

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