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LoL Esports Gets a New Logo and Focuses on Global Events

22 July 2020, 12:14
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League of Legend Esports has got an update that will help the organization to develop further. According to recent cybersport news, Riot Games wants to focus more on regional leagues and international events.

LoL Esports Gets a New Logo and Focuses on Global Events

As esports has been gaining popularity for the last several months, organizations try to use the opportunity to strengthen their presence in the global market. LoL Esports isn’t an exception. Riot Games has decided to pool efforts of regional leagues together to build a global ecosystem. The developer posted this message on the LoL Esports social media.

The main goals are integrity and growth

According to the Head of Esports at Riot Games, John Needham, this rebranding has several important goals that will help to develop League of Legends esports internationally. The organizers want to implement innovations, improve the entertaining effect of competitions, and unite professional LoL players from various regions across the globe to create a strong community.

The company has already presented its new logo. However, it isn’t the main change within the rebranding. Riot Games is oriented toward the creation of more opportunities for the interaction between players. That is why the developer has launched several shows that will become a platform for interaction and help to connect players. One of them is a news show that will highlight the achievements of all twelve regional leagues.

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