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Lockdown Made Poker Social and Casual

8 November 2020, 11:21
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If to read poker news about Q3 of 2020, it becomes clear that this vertical undoubtedly has been thriving during this period.

Lockdown Made Poker Social and Casual

Many poker rooms have shared their reports, confirming that online users have enjoyed this casino game to the fullest during the lockdown. The SBC Digital Summit CIS speakers discussed the main factors that had made poker so popular for the last several months and tried to predict the future of this gambling industry sector.

Pandemic effect on poker and future expectations

Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO at Evenbet Gaming, affirmed that poker had seen the rise during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. He has said that some states have experienced a 90-97% increase in the vertical because, among other casino products, poker is the most social game. It allowed people to socialize and communicate in the online format.

However, according to the expert, the second chance for poker will be given by emerging markets, not by developed ones. India, Asia, Latin America, and some parts of Africa are the main contributors to the development of the sector. It means that the next 5-6 years can be successful for poker.

Discussing the topic, experts have had the same opinion that the vertical is changing its direction from being a real-money game to social entertainment. Recreational players don’t always want to compete against professionals and search for a relaxed atmosphere while playing their favorite game. Moreover, players want the implementation of socializing features in the gaming process. That is why operators begin to add emoji, functionality for sharing videos, messages, rewards for achievements, and other elements that turn poker into a casual game. Sergii Romanenko, COO at GGPokerok, has said that companies try to make poker attractive to recreational players, first of all. This social trend will become the major innovation in the market.

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