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Live Poker Is Back in the UK but with Some Restrictions

20 August 2020, 14:40
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The UK’s recent poker news was good for the game fans as they have finally got the right to play in the gambling establishments.

Live Poker Is Back in the UK but with Some Restrictions

However, it doesn’t mean that everything has returned to normality. COVID-19’s negative consequences still influence the gambling industry immensely, and the poker vertical isn’t an exception. After the country’s government had allowed casinos to reopen, poker rooms also got the green light to open doors for visitors.

Before the reopening, live poker rooms experienced a false start, when the British government allowed them to resume operation and then prohibited again. This happened at the beginning of August and caused a rush of indignation. Operators have been criticizing this decision, emphasizing that it can have a negative impact on the whole economy and lead to job loss for thousands of people who work in the gambling industry.

What are the restrictive guidelines for poker rooms?

Of course, all restrictions are connected with the COVID-19 protection measures. Poker rooms had to install special dividers to separate guests from each other and ensure social distancing. In addition to available sanitizers and mandatory face masks, they had to follow a big number of other obligatory health protocols applicable to this sector. For example, poker rooms have to change or disinfect card decks every hour, as well as install special screens for players.

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