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“Level 4” Measures Close the Majority of Scottish Betting Shops

18 November 2020, 16:32
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As it has been informed in the Scottish news, the betting industry is exposed to a large risk and threat again because a new portion of the lockdown measures is coming into effect.

“Level 4” Measures Close the Majority of Scottish Betting Shops

Starting from Friday, more than five hundred bookmakers’ offices will be forced to close their doors for visitors as the government is imposing the “Level 4” restrictions connected with the COVID-19 pandemic.

BGC supports measures but is disappointed with current situation

The restrictions will influence not only the gambling industry sectors but also other establishments of secondary importance. This list includes cafes, restaurants, and other leisure venues. The measures will remain in force until December 11. 

The Scottish government is trying hard to stop the outspread of the coronavirus across the country, although it means considerable losses in the revenue of many business sectors. With sports events having a green light to continue, the land-based segment of the betting market will need to take a break. The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) representatives have said that they aren’t against the introduced measures, but, anyway, they may lead to a big number of negative consequences, such as job losses and financial crisis.

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