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Less Gambling Ads: Google Will Allow Users to Set Limits

11 December 2020, 16:23
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According to the recent gambling news, one of the most powerful IT companies in the world – Google – has decided to give users mode freedom in their ads preferences. Now, they will be able at least eliminate gambling ads.

Less Gambling Ads: Google Will Allow Users to Set Limits

The new functionality will start in the US, but it is planned that, in 2021, it will extend to the global scale. However, there are already several countries where gambling products and services are forbidden for advertising.

The reason for Google’s decision to implement such settings is to protect vulnerable social groups. In addition to this, the IT giant representatives emphasize that this functionality will make the company’s services more transparent for users as they will be able to control information to which they are exposed themselves.

What will be the first service to adopt the innovation?

As it has been revealed, YouTube will be a pioneer. It will make this feature available to users at the nearest time. Moreover, they will be able to block ads that promote alcohol as well. YouTube will include the button “Stop seeing this ad”, which will help to decrease the number of gambling-related promotions.

However, it doesn’t mean that the button ensures total protection against such ads. If a user continues to visit gambling websites or clicks on such content, he or she will still have a chance to view gambling advertising.

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