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Legalization of Dutch Online Gambling Is Postponed

7 September 2020, 17:29
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As it has been revealed in recent iGaming and gambling news, the Dutch virtual gambling market won’t be legal in the nearest time.

Legalization of Dutch Online Gambling Is Postponed

The Dutch regulatory authority has decided to postpone the enforcement of the Remote Gambling Act. It explains the delay as the opportunity for all concerned parties to get more prepared for a new law. Earlier, it was submitted to the European Commission for consideration and approval. The act includes many obligations for operators, including taking measures against gambling addiction, compliance with technical requirements, providing reports, etc.

It isn’t the first delay of legalization

Initially, the date for the legalization of virtual gambling in the Netherlands was appointed to January 2021 and then postponed to July 2021. Now the much-awaited launch of online gambling is delayed again and is planned to take place in March 2021. However, gambling-related companies will get permission to operate only six months later.

Of course, operators are displeased with the current situation, but the regulator doesn’t see any inconveniences connected with it. He states that the postponement opens many opportunities for businesses to improve their services.

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