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League of Legends Launches a New Rewarding System – Drops

8 June 2020, 11:50
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Riot Games has announced that it has good news for esports fans. The publisher has launched a new system, Drops, that will help to reward viewers.

League of Legends Launches a New Rewarding System – Drops

This system is a perfect solution for both: the publisher and viewers. Riot Games will get an opportunity to increase the audience's involvement in its events, while fans will receive gifts for watching them. The company representatives are sure that now is the right time to bring innovations to their projects.

League of Legends Drops: all you need to know

The new feature will be available to viewers from the 3rd week of the League of Legends Championship Series and the League of Legends European Championship. They will be able to receive such rewards, as Prestige Points, skin shards, and other items.

To activate the system, players should create a profile on the game’s official website and sign in. All Drops will appear on the screen during the game streaming. Fans can claim the reward in the “Drops” section in their accounts. Any person has a chance to activate the reward, regardless of his or her country. However, players who watch streams on YouTube or Twitch won’t be able to get it.

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