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Latvian Residents Addicted to Gambling to Be Provided with Necessary Support

11 November 2019, 15:20
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According to the Latvian body that supervises gambling and lottery in the country, one hundred and twenty-seven people suffering from gambling addiction have accessed necessary psychosocial support.  

Latvian Residents Addicted to Gambling to Be Provided with Necessary Support

As the body’s chief Signe Birne claims, their aims are supervising gambling and lotteries as well as taking measures in order to reduce associated risks.

Birne also shares her opinion regarding the best methods to cope with gambling issues. According to her, one of the most accessible ways for overcoming problems associated with gambling is free support provided by the psychologists to those who are aware of their addiction and truly want to suppress a desire to gamble.

In order to protect peoples’ interests and rights to refrain from excessive gambling, next year, the respective body will create a special register of people who try to desist from gaming activities. People will get an opportunity to submit their personal information to the register online as well as in person. If they need any help, the Latvian regulatory body in this field will provide the necessary assistance.

As mentioned earlier, the UK residents will get an opportunity to access a 24-hour gambling helpline and will be advised on gambling problems.

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