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Land-Based Betting Venues Will Be Open Even in Tier 3 in the UK

24 November 2020, 15:31
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The British rulers confirmed that betting shops would be available for punters even in tier-3 zones. At the same time, wagering venues will return to online broadcasting of the sports events for small crowds if the safety measures aren’t adhered to. Login Casino regards the latest news in betting and informs readers of the industry's most important updates.

Land-Based Betting Venues Will Be Open Even in Tier 3 in the UK

The UK is preparing to return to pre-lockdown life, as the second coronavirus wave has forced the government to return to the strictest quarantine measures at the beginning of November. However, December 2 will mean not only freedom of movement but also an increase in entertainment engagement.

Thus, the British government announced that betting shops would be available for punters even in tier-3 zones, which were qualified as the riskiest ones. Rulers also agreed to allow watching sports events inside betting venues, which was canceled in the former months. It goes in parallel with the ease of restrictions for live sports attendance that will be allowed in tier-1 and tier-2 locations.

Of course, the conditions mitigation means the use of all the needed protection measures inside the establishments. Sanitizers, protective screens, a limited number of people inside the shop, and wearing face masks are the obligatory conditions for the operators that must be complied with.

What is the situation with permissions for other gambling spheres?

At the moment, there are no updates concerning allowance to open brick-and-mortar casinos or poker rooms. The UK government still insists on the closure of gambling venues like casinos, which is part of the national plan to stop the coronavirus' spreading.


However, the situation can change shortly. The representatives of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) have already prepared the confirmation that casinos are among the safest places to enter during the pandemic. Nevertheless, the previous appeal to officials didn't lead to any positive result, and casinos were closed.

At the same time, giving the betting shops wider opportunities even in the tier-3 zones gives a portion of optimism for the BGC representatives. Softening the limits for the gambling industry like bookmaking seems to be the sign that governors understand the importance of the sector for the national economy, especially during the crisis caused by the pandemic. Betting shops can be the pilot cases for opening other gambling venues across the country. It can be compared to the situation in real sports, where some stadiums have hosted live audiences and showed that gathering a limited number of people can be safe if controlled appropriately.

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