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Lack of Grounds: The Case against Mike Postle Has Been Rejected

18 August 2020, 12:08
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It seems that the world of professional poker is always full of rumors and legal proceedings. For example, according to recent poker news, a famous poker player Mike Postle has come off unscathed again.

Lack of Grounds: The Case against Mike Postle Has Been Rejected

Not so long ago, Mike was involved in the scandal connected with cheating during the live streaming of a match at Stones Gambling Hall. Many poker players throughout the world suspected that Postle had been using some fraudulent schemes in the game. They say that he has used his baseball cap and special well-hidden equipment. Popular YouTuber Marle Cordeiro has raised this question and even appealed to the court with it.

The matter of location

However, the accusation has been dismissed by the court. The main reason for this is… the territory. The poker match had been held in California, and Cordeiro filed this case in Nevada. Lawyers can’t consider it because Postle “lacks sufficient contacts” to be sued in the territory of this state.

Of course, such a decision has provoked much indignation. This rejection doesn’t mean that the case won’t be considered in the future. At the same time, the court representatives insist that the plaintiff’s complaints don’t have enough grounds for legal proceedings. It needs to watch records to deliver a verdict whether Postle is a cheater or not.

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