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KSA Won Suit against Electronic Arts

30 October 2020, 11:14
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The Dutch regulator’s victory over Electronic Arts in court is widely discussed in all gambling news. The KSA had been fighting against EA’s loot boxes, and now the regulator resolved the claim.

KSA Won Suit against Electronic Arts

The KSA brought a case before the District Court of The Hague last year. It has been insisting that Electronic Arts Inc., an American video game developer, offers FIFA players a prohibited game of chance, namely, loot boxes.

EA didn’t want to comply with the Dutch regulations

Everything has started with the regulator’s investigation and conclusion that loot boxes available in the FIFA video game series breach the Netherlands’ gambling law because of two reasons. The first one is the availability for players to purchase random content without being aware of what is offered. The second is the opportunity for them to sell these items and exchange them for real money.

The Dutch regulator has addressed the video game developer with the demand to make its product compliant with the country’s gambling regulations. However, neither the company nor its subsidiary firm made concessions, which forced the KSA to apply to the court and impose a fine of ten million euros. The Court has delivered a verdict that the regulator’s complaints aren’t unreasonable and EA has to pay the penalty, although the company has been trying to prove that the sum is exaggerated.

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