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KSA Presented Main Changes Accomplished in 2020

23 March 2021, 17:27
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The Dutch Gambling Regulator (the Kansspelautoriteit - KSA) reported the major changes during the previous year. The organization described how it was preparing for the upcoming Remote Gambling Act and provided a lot of interesting figures from the gaming industry. Login Casino continues following the most interesting legislative news in gambling, now describing the KSA's report in short.

KSA Presented Main Changes Accomplished in 2020

The Dutch authority is accomplishing almost all the regulations related to the gambling sector and so has reported the most notable changes that have taken place in 2020. The organization defines four primary directions it's focused on:

  • regulation (including giving licenses);
  • supervising (check whether all the license requirements are adhered to);
  • promoting anti-addiction;
  • educational activities.

Most interesting results of 2020

The integrity investigation part was fulfilled with the figures, which shows the KSA's involvement in the industry. Thus, the number of investigations related to slots increased from 60 to 68 compared to 2019, along with the inquiries of risk-based supervision (from 5 to 9). While the number of given operating grants, denied applications, and approved changes didn't change significantly during the last year, the KSA became much stricter with ten license withdrawals in 2020 compared to a single procedure in 2019.

Another vital activity direction was the work with the public as the KSA designed and asked hundreds of questions, supporting them with the reports. Thus, the organization's representatives conducted almost 1000 phone calls, almost 1900 emails, and slightly less than 2800 questions via other communication sources (like social media). The total number of reports and complaints almost achieved a millennium number.

A huge part of the aforementioned work was done to form the best possible online gambling legislation, which would be activated on April 1, with the first approved licenses for the digital gambling services on October 1. The Dutch regulator wants to create a clear and transparent market, which will be safe for both operators and consumers, and that was one of the aims during the 2020 activity.

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