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KSA Named Firms that Would Fight Dutch Gambling Addiction

12 March 2021, 17:18
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The upcoming online gambling adoption by the Netherlands goes in parallel with additional initiatives in the sector. The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) presented the structure that would fight gambling addiction and named the firms that would form it. The LoginCasino team follows the latest legislation news in gambling, explaining everything about the new structure.

KSA Named Firms that Would Fight Dutch Gambling Addiction

A long-lasting process of adopting online gambling legislation in Holland is related to setting and launching appropriate procedures to make the digital gaming sector safe and reliable. One of the steps in this regard is the establishment of the Addiction Prevention Fund (VPF). This new structure will use a part of the digital sector's levy to fight gambling addiction in the Netherlands.

According to the KSA, three major objectives of the VPF are:

  • An anonymous treatment of gambling addicts.
  • Providing in-depth research of the addictive behavior and methods of its treatment.
  • Holding the national counter of the problematic punters with appropriate info.

Each direction has now received the firm that will accomplish the needed task, and the governmental body has presented them.

Who will be included in the VPF?

The National Health Care Institute received the right to cope with the anonymous treatment of gambling addicts. This governmental structure will be appropriately financed from the Addiction Prevention Fund to accomplish the first objective.

The second objective was given to ZonMw, which is another state organization. The governmental firm already launched the research program in 2020, which would receive a new turn in October 2021 with the first online license activation.

The last objective is the responsibility of the Human Assistance Network for Daily Support (HANDS). This public company won the race for launching the national register, which would also be active from the first day of October 2021. The counter will include useful information for addicts, including the referrals by region.

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