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KSA Is Going to Differentiate Sports Betting and Lotteries

17 November 2020, 16:19
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The upcoming implementation of the Remote Gambling Act brings more and more details for the Dutch gaming industry. After the new legislation takes effect in March 2021, lotteries and sports betting will be separated in the Netherlands. Login Casino always keeps an eye on the latest news in gambling legislation and informs its readers about the most important changes.

KSA Is Going to Differentiate Sports Betting and Lotteries

Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) prepares changes to the legislative structure in the Netherlands. Even though Holland is a well-known country with a bit more freedom, it hasn’t had online gambling regulations yet. The discussions started years ago, but the adoption and launching procedure is planned for next year.

Thus, March 1 will not only bring clarity to the digital gambling market via the Remote Gambling Act. That will also be the date when the lotteries and sports betting, which now is legal only in the land-based form. The previous Dutch legislation is based on the idea that sports betting is part of the lotto game and can be regulated similar to lotteries.

What will change with the adoption of the Remote Gambling Act?

Adding online gambling possibilities forces KSA’s representatives to review the conditions of regulating both sectors. Thus, traditional lotteries, including scratch cards, will be under the jurisdiction of the recent Gambling Act.

At the same time, bookmaking goes under the control of the upcoming Remote Gambling Act. This step seems to be logical as betting has already become part of the gambling procedures that are more suitable to proceed online and using various gadgets.

Even though the new law takes effect on March 1, the regulated digital gambling market's appearance will be only on September 1. Half a year is quite a traditional period for receiving a gambling license.

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