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KSA Explained Requirements to Online Gambling Firms' Inspectors

11 November 2020, 16:05
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The Dutch governmental gambling regulatory body, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), announced more details about the upcoming online gaming regulation. The organization now has presented a set of rules that inspectors have to comply with if they want to work with gambling operators in the Netherlands. Login Casino carefully checks the latest legislation news in gambling and informs its readers with the most important updates, now focusing on Holland.

KSA Explained Requirements to Online Gambling Firms' Inspectors

The Netherlands can be regarded as the country that has come to the controlling of the online gambling sector too late. The KSA initiated the regulation concerning the digital area, but the changes would be introduced not earlier than in the next year's spring. The regulatory body continues announcing the details regarding the future legislation, while now has presented the set of requirements towards inspectors.

Among the essential rules is the inspector's authority in the European Union. Thus, the firm that will pretend to cooperate with KSA has to present successful two-year cooperation with two EU countries at least. Also, the gambling inspector company has to be a member of the International Accreditation Forum or the Laboratory Accreditation Forum. Those two international organizations are the primary bodies in checking the digital casino software and controlling other aspects vital for responsible gambling.

As the Netherlands plans to launch the Central Register for Exclusion of Games of Chance (CRUKS) scheme at the beginning of 2021, inspectors have to check if applicants are properly connected to it. Also, checking bodies should diversify all the games that will be present on the digital platform and restrict the forbidden ones in Holland. 

Three areas that inspectors will control

Design. The inspection body has to clarify the process description of the contender's software. The physical appearance is also included in the design section and should be checked before receiving the Dutch online gambling license.

Implementations. This part of the checking procedure is intended to synchronize the legislative aspects that must be adhered to by the applicant.

Operation. The inspector has to determine the compliance of the data collected by the digital gaming platform and how this procedure correlates with the recent norms.

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