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KSA Collaborates with Facebook to Fight against Illegal Lotteries

13 November 2020, 17:18
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As the KSA often sees complaints and news about the lottery products on Facebook that aren’t licensed, it has decided to cooperate with the social media platform to prevent such cases.

KSA Collaborates with Facebook to Fight against Illegal Lotteries

The partnership will allow the Dutch gambling regulator to fight not only against illegal gambling entertainment but even with its promotion on Facebook.

Both KSA and Facebook want to stop unauthorized gambling

It isn’t surprising that the KSA makes efforts to eliminate illegitimate lottery products on the web, including social media platforms. However, the Internet giant, Facebook, has proved that it is also interested in the regulated gambling market and engaged in an attempt to get rid of unlicensed services.

According to the regulator, it has got information about several cases of illegal lottery products on Facebook and conducts investigations now. It made the KSA take on the task of protecting users from such services. At the current time, the cooperation between the regulator and social media platform already proves its efficiency. Some groups that had been advertising lottery services were deleted.

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