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KryptoCibule – A Triple Threat to Cryptocurrency

3 September 2020, 13:22
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The mentioning of dangerous malware has appeared in the latest cryptocurrency news. It is called KryptoCibule and is carrying a considerable threat to crypto investors.

KryptoCibule – A Triple Threat to Cryptocurrency

As it has been revealed, KryptoCibule, crypto-related malicious software, is aimed at stealing virtual currency, and mostly at users from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Eighty-five percent of users who have suffered from the malware are from these countries. Moreover, it creates a three-part system for the attack as well as RAT – a special remote-access trojan, which allows it to steal more.

How does malware work?

Users get KryptoCibule to their Windows-based computers through the unauthorized content downloaded via torrents with viruses. According to the researchers who study this problem, the majority of files have been available on a popular in Slovakia and the Czech Republic website. It is also known that this malicious software has been created in 2018.

KryptoCibule executes a ternary action aimed at mining Ethereum and Monero on vulnerable computers. However, it can replace wallet addresses in clipboards and get access to cryptocurrency files stored on users’ PCs too. This program can emulate any crypto-wallet addresses in the clipboard and substitute them with its data. KryptoCibule has recently launched its new version based on a central processor, which mines digital cash more dexterously.

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