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KJM Confirmed HooYu as Identification Service for Gambling

12 January 2021, 17:19
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The German KJM (Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz – commission for youth protection) approved the HooYu system as the effective one for age and identity verification. It can be widely used in the gambling industry, where the renewed legislation is coming. Login Casino follows the latest legislation news in gambling and explains the details of the German case.

KJM Confirmed HooYu as Identification Service for Gambling

In the middle of 2021, Germany is going to activate the new State Treaty on Gambling Regulation. One of the cornerstone aspects of the upcoming legislation is the stricter age and person identification.

Not long ago, the KJM approved HooYu as a valid service in this respect. Thus, gambling operators can use the regarded system to check the age of the individual who is trying to register on the gambling platform. According to the announcement, the process is fully automated and can be accomplished in a matter of seconds, allowing to verify biometric information and allow or disallow the access.

How is verification accomplishing?

The first part of the process is adding the HooYu system to the gambling platform. It includes activation of UI and UX tools that allow to adjust the procedure and make it understandable for both websites’ staff and users.

The second step is checking the biometric information. The KJM explained the procedure as fast and reliable identification of ID documents and selfies of the persons. Importantly, this procedure is fully automated, safe for all the sides, and fast enough. The need to check the age and person identity are both the adult content access requirements, which is the part of the upcoming gambling law.

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