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Junket Operators in Macau will Face New Rules

21 October 2019, 15:49
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Macau’s authorities will tighten rules concerning casino junket operators. However, it is still unknown when new rules will be introduced and what they will look like.

Junket Operators in Macau will Face New Rules

The previous week, Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau chief Paulo Martins Chan said that the regulatory body was working on new regulations intended to enhance the standard on data verification of those related to Macau’s junket industry.

The regulatory body’s chief did not give many details on the new regulations having only said that the authorities would impose stricter rules on junket operators entering the market.

Notably, the regulator has been making promises for years to tighten rules on new junkets. Over the past few years, the institution has strengthened control over the junket industry after a number of scandals in this industry.

In January, Macau’s regulatory body announced that its number of authorized junkets had dropped to one hundred, down by nine in comparison with the previous year. In 2013, the number of junkets reached its peak of two hundred thirty-five and, since then, their number has decreased. 

As mentioned earlier, Ho Iat Seng was selected as the new Chief Executive of Macau. He made a promise to defend Macau’s gaming and travel industries from possible problems.

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