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Jdigital Highlighted 2020’s Challenges in Gambling Industry

6 January 2021, 13:39
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Jdigital, the Spanish online gambling trade association, has summed up 2020’s news about the gambling industry in the country.

Jdigital Highlighted 2020’s Challenges in Gambling Industry

The association noted that this year wasn’t easy for the gambling business due to the pandemic and some unreasonable regulations imposed by the government.

Jdigital is going to continue the industry legitimation

The association representatives confirmed that COVID-19 had influenced not only the betting sector, due to the cancellation of sports events, but also the digital casino market negatively. The number of active players decreased considerably, which also resulted in a decline in the industry’s GGR.

However, the Jdigital speakers said that the pandemic wasn’t the only reason for the hard times in the gambling vertical. The Spanish government had a hand in the creation of difficult conditions as well. One of the examples is the gambling advertising decree, which, according to the association, can’t protect players but only restrains the market development.

Jdigital has referred to the recent studies, which support the fact that the level of problem gambling in Spain doesn’t increase since 2015. It means that social anxiety in the country is fuelled mostly by assumptions and intuition. In 2021, the institution is going to continue doing everything possible to develop the gambling industry and promote its positive image.

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