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Jdigital Expresses Dissatisfaction with Spanish Ad Restrictions

24 July 2020, 13:06
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Jdigital, the Spanish digital gambling association, has appealed to the European Commission expressing incomprehension with restrictions on gambling advertising proposed by the country’s government. The new rules include a prohibition on sports sponsorship for gambling operators in addition to the limitation of the allowed hours of advertising of gambling on both TV and radio to between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. More information on this subject can be found in recent casino news.

Jdigital Expresses Dissatisfaction with Spanish Ad Restrictions

The response of the association to the EC is based on seven important points. First of all, Jdigital claims that at present, there are no official studies proving that gambling is a serious public problem in the country now.

Secondly, JDigital points to the data suggesting that there was a significant increase in unlawful gambling during the state of emergency in Spain. The association emphasizes the importance of commercial communications in virtual gambling for allowing clients to distinguish between regulated and unregulated operators.

Thirdly, Jdigital criticises the absence of information on the protection of clients or vulnerable people in the regulation, which, according to the association, is a proof that the consumer protection is not the Spanish government’s main concern in this case.

Among other things that the Spanish digital gambling association is not satisfied with is the significant difference in treatment towards public and private gambling operators.

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