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Japan Starts Public Consultations concerning IRs

5 September 2019, 09:41
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On September 3, Japanese authorities started a public consultation to discuss proposed IR regulations. People will be able to provide their feedback until October 3.

Japan Starts Public Consultations concerning IRs

According to these regulations, which received the government’s approval in March 2019, IRs will be obliged to set up exhibition and conference facilities as well as hotels, theatres, cinemas, and restaurants. Only 3 percent of the total floor space will be given to gambling objects.

Besides, local residents will have to pay around $56 to enter any casino establishment. The age limit is set to be 20 years old. For tourists, of course, the entrance will be free.

In order to receive the required casino business and facility service licenses, applicants will be obliged to provide a complex business plan for the casino management commission’s approval. Moreover, before the IR’s construction works start casino operators will have to consult with local residents. Applicants should also come up with their vision of dealing with problem gambling and criminal violations.

The first gambling establishment is scheduled to open in 2025 with a lot of major international operators showing interest in receiving Japanese licenses for IR development.

As mentioned earlier, another country to launch the development process of a new IR project is Greece.

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