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Japan Casino Plans are Underway

7 August 2019, 11:55
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The Land of the Rising Sun is getting ready for the introduction of the casino industry, which is likely to happen by the end of the current year.

Japan Casino Plans are Underway

The IR plan includes a more detailed explanation of all the requirements needed in order to receive the license. The authorities are reportedly planning to publish updated regulations in November 2019. Besides, the government is likely to establish the Casino Management Board by January.

As soon as final regulatory updates are released, global operators and local prefectures will start working on their bids.

Casino process in Japan

The Japanese government has established a new regulatory body, the International Tourism Department, aimed at controlling the bidding process. The organization will consist of seventy-three people, who will take part in the casino industry creation and provide collaboration with international bodies.

IR industry delayed

According to media reports, the previously expected opening in 2025 is unlikely to happen. The Casino Management Commission will be fully formed almost have a year later than originally planned. Experts agree with this opinion since there are many challenges connected with the construction processes in Japan.

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