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Jan Urbanec about the Slots Market and Its Trends during the Lockdown

2 May 2020, 11:40
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The longstanding lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly influenced all spheres of the gambling industry, and the slots market isn’t an exception. According to news from gambling websites, companies see revenue increase in many of their products.

Jan Urbanec about the Slots Market and Its Trends during the Lockdown

Jan Urbanec, a CEO of Endorphina, a virtual slot machines provider, has told the SBC Digital Summit attendees about changes in traffic his company sees and trends that will boost the industry after the quarantine.

Speaking about traffic volume, the expert has confirmed that his company experiences some increase: “We definitely see the growth of GGR and number of spins! Small and simple games are what people enjoy now, in this difficult period. In addition to this, the business becomes more customer-to-customer.”  

Jan has also added that there is nothing wrong with applying the right marketing strategies during the lockdown. He has proved this by his company’s example because they still continue advertising.

“There is a sense of emergency: companies should adapt and react fast and use flexible tools to survive in new conditions. It is highly important to put the market on reliability. This principle works well and can bring much revenue to operators.”

The expert is sure that the most efficient way out of the situation is to keep track of products that perform the best in the quarantine and continue learning these games in detail. At the same time, he thinks that the pandemic period isn’t the right time for innovations. Governments introduce new regulations that make the industry unpredictable and investors are afraid of pumping into it and being punished.

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