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Italy will Take Control over Gambling Transactions

15 October 2019, 16:37
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The Italian gambling companies will have to undertake market adjustments in the future since the new coalition government formed by the Five Star Movement and Democratic Party has published a draft regulation on the planned “Budget Law”.

Italy will Take Control over Gambling Transactions

This year, the former coalition government introduced a ban on gambling advertising. Next year, the country will take steps to establish new laws regarding payment processing and operator anti-money laundering registry.

Aiming to combat gambling corruption, 5Star-DP will introduce fines on banks that will try to process any type of transaction associated with non-authorised payments. The violators will face fines ranging from 300,000 euros to 1.3 million euros.

Besides, all companies will be required to sign-up for a new register. This measure will help to combat tax fraud and organized crime.  

In addition, according to the Italian news sources, 5Star-DP might go on taking additional measures. The coalition government is likely to introduce new restrictions and gain control over investors in gambling companies and private equity funds.

As mentioned earlier, according to the French government, the National Gambling Authority, a new national gambling authority, will be created to replace the current regulatory body in this field.

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