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Italy Can Continue Lockdown and Hit Gambling Businesses More

27 March 2021, 11:19
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During the European Gaming Mini Meetup that took place online on Thursday, March 25, experts shared their thoughts about the gambling sector's recent situation. One of the most interesting portions of information has come from Italy as Ludovico Calvi has presented interesting insights into how and why the government ignores the land-based gambling sector. Login Casino follows the most interesting news in gambling, presenting the overview of the part of the digital conversation.

Italy Can Continue Lockdown and Hit Gambling Businesses More

The President at Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) and Sports Betting Consultant at Oregon State Lottery, Ludovico Calvi, appeared at the European Gaming Mini Meetup with interesting thoughts. However, one of the most interesting topics of his talking has been the overview of the situation in Italy, where the government doesn't pay enough attention to the land-based gambling sector.

Even though Ludovico understands that the Italian government's change is apriori bringing some kind of instability, some of its decisions are looking weird. Thus, the expert has admitted an unfair attitude of the authorities towards the entertainment sector, where a lot of public destinations are open and get help to survive, while land-based gambling is suffering too much.

While there are only a few zones in Italy where one can play in brick-and-mortar casinos, the spreading of betting and lottery shops, which are now closed, brings enough confusion. Moreover, the expert has mentioned the government's recent attitude towards the land-based industry and criticized the former steps in this regard. For instance, Ludovico said about the million losses in the economy branch, which were softened only with tens of thousands of euros as social help instead.

At the same time, the speaker explained how to decrease the pressure on land-based gambling venues. He took the instance of the UK and some other states that decided to decline rental payments for this tough period as this part of the spending is usually the biggest for small betting and lottery shops.

Italy Lockdown

When talking about the possible start of the recovery process, Ludovico has assumed that recent Italian closures until April 4 can be continued to the beginning of May. The expert sees the US recovery process related to land-based casinos in March as a positive signal but expects Italy to start stable recovery not earlier than in June.

Finally, the speaker explained the situation from the governmental perspective and mentioned coronavirus and vaccination as the major obstacle to paying attention to the gambling business. Thus, he compared gaming businesses' problems with the obstacles that exist in the medical sphere and highlighted the issue of doctor staff salary as more important than concerns of entertaining businesses like advertising regulation in the sector.

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