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Italian Operators Couldn’t Vindicate Claim to Reopen Soon

1 February 2021, 14:38
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According to recent news, casino and sports betting venues in Italy will remain closed until March. Although operators tried to influence the restrictions connected with the pandemic in the court, they didn’t succeed.

Italian Operators Couldn’t Vindicate Claim to Reopen Soon

Now the only thing land-based gambling establishments can do is to wait. The government continues its program for prevention of the COVID-19 outspread.

Operators are sure that it is pressure from the government

While Italy’s government insists that all measures are necessary for the fight against the pandemic, owners of a gambling business see only political pressure in this. Some of them say that current restrictions on the operation of gambling venues are nothing more than the executives’ desire to destroy the industry.

Operators tried to challenge the measures in the court but it didn’t lead to a desirable result. It has denied the appeal, which means that casinos, betting shops, and bingo halls won’t be available to visitors until March 5. Moreover, taking into consideration the government’s attitude to the industry, chances are that gaming establishments won’t be allowed to reopen even at the beginning of March.

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