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Italian Gambling Split: Land-Based Anger vs. Online Blossom

13 February 2021, 11:23
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The land-based gambling industry representatives have announced upcoming demonstrations that will take place in Rome and Milan next week. At the same time, the digital gaming sector reported record revenues in December 2020. Our online outlet follows the latest casino news and explains the situation in the Italian gambling sphere.

Italian Gambling Split: Land-Based Anger vs. Online Blossom

The lockdown measures led to the closure of the venues across the country, which hit the brick-and-mortar gambling sector in Italy. Such conditions forced the land-based entertainment sector to be closed for about seven months and caused losses amounted around €4.5B.

Such a downfall is the problem not only for the business owners as about 150 000 involved staff also suffer. This crucial number concern representatives of about 170 different companies, including betting and lottery shops, casinos, bingo halls, and even equipment managers. They are going to march through two squares in Milan and Rome on February 18 to attract government attention to the problem. Also, they will demand to reopen the venues to decrease the financial pressure.

Online gambling reported about record revenues in December 2020

At the same time, Ficom Leisure presented the gross gaming revenue (GGR) for the digital branch of Italian gambling. The online sector broke several records in the last month of the previous year, showing a significant turn in the gamblers' preferences in the online/offline battle.

Thus, the digital gambling GGR totaled €359M in December, which is almost a 39% rise compared to the previous record-breaking month of November (€259M). Comparing with December 2019, the rise is even more significant and is 86% (€193M). The previous year was rather flourishing for online gaming, and the record highs were broken several times during the pandemic.

As the December growth includes the increase of all branches of online gambling (sports betting, poker, slots, and others), it raises numerous questions for the representatives of land-based gambling businesses and workers. Login Casino will follow the situation and inform the readers about the solutions that officials will make in this regard.

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