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Itai Zak: “We Need Tolerance When It Comes to Marketing”

4 May 2020, 16:19
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Itai Zak, an expert with extensive experience in iGaming, disclosed his thoughts about the most efficient measures for promoting the principles of responsible gaming. This topic is much talked about in many news about gambling and online slot games.

Itai Zak: “We Need Tolerance When It Comes to Marketing”

It is needless to say that gambling operators have faced a high number of challenges during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. They need to quickly adapt to new circumstances, analyze customer behavior, and try to succeed in both surviving and preserving a safe gambling environment for players.

Itai Zak has said that companies should apply new patterns to meet the requirements of emerging customer behavior trends: “Gambling operators understand that they should implement more new gaming features to increase customer acquisition. However, all steps we take should have a long-term perspective, not the short-term. The main thing here is to show the best experience connected with a brand.”

Speaking about promotional strategies during these hard times, the expert has confirmed that responsible marketing isn’t a myth but there are several points to pay attention to.

“Marketing can split into two main areas: communication with players and reminding them about responsible gaming and a sophisticated and automated system and alerts that identify changes in players’ behavior. We simply put some restrictions on an account when a user overplays. We need more tolerance when it comes to marketing. More focus on entertainment and communication than on marketing tools. Operators should make sure that players realize the importance of responsible gaming,” said Zak.

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