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Is NSW Poker Machines Growing Popularity a Healthy Sign?

18 January 2021, 16:23
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The New South Wales (NSW) state of Australia presented interesting numbers concerning the poker machine industry revenues at the end of 2020. However, financial prosperity can be linked to money laundering in the country. Login Casino follows the latest news in poker and describes the diverse roles this card game accomplishes in Australia.

Is NSW Poker Machines Growing Popularity a Healthy Sign?

Liquor and Gaming NSW presented the numbers showing the poker machine industry's financial situation in the last two months of 2020. The report confirmed the $583M and $630M in revenue, respectively, which increased the Year-over-Year scales. The gaming machines grew up by 1.8% in November and 6.5% in December.

What is the problem with poker machines in Australia?

While positive financial reports should be regarded as beneficial news, the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) agency and NSW Customer Service representatives are warned with such numbers. According to the officials, it is a sign that inappropriate money transactions are coming through the machines. Thus, illegal cash can be inserted into the machine, while the withdrawing procedure means official registration of the assets.

Moreover, the representatives are warned about the recent lockdown measures and the upcoming opening of the clubs and poker halls. Temporary limiting measures can cause a cumulative effect, so the land-based venue's reopening can increase the money-laundering procedure.

That is why the officials are boosting the idea of obligatory registration before poker gaming machines are activated. It will lead to better control over the illegal money flow, which is now regarded as rather scalable in Australia.

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