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Is Live Streaming New Trend in iGaming?

19 July 2021, 15:02
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The latest news on the casino industry reports the growing number of live streamers signing affiliate contracts with major gambling platforms.

Is Live Streaming New Trend in iGaming?

Having emerged less than a decade ago, lately, the live streaming of gambling content has become extremely popular. For instance, the number of views of slots streams on Twitch has exceeded 200 000 in June. So, casino operators try to seize this promotion opportunity for their casino establishments, cooperating with the streamers on the regular basis.

The pressing question is whether streamers are there to stay or is it just a new trend on the market? What do they contribute to the industry? The panel discussion themed “Live streamers: the new power affiliate”, which concerned the latter issues was held last week during the CasinoBeats 2021 Summit in Malta. Read the experts’ opinions on the matter below.

When does the casino’s reliance on streamers become too much?

The vast majority of casino operators started to view live streamers as powerful affiliates circa 6-7 years ago. According to Tobias Svensen, the CEO of Casino Grounds, the streaming markets of Sweden, Great Britain, and Finland were among the most developed at that time. Recently, however, many of the streamers were forced to relocate to Malta due to new strict regulations in their gambling markets.

Luis Portela de Carvalho added that the Asian streaming market, namely in China, rose to prominence during the 2020 holiday season, which coincided with the lockdown in the country. The expert has added that a live stream can be an easy way to reach the audience, as it enables closer communication with the customer, giving viewers an urge to gamble.  Melanie Hainzer, the CMO at Wildz Casino, has also highlighted the power of live streaming, stating that it is vital for casinos to choose reliable streamers to collaborate with.

Live Streaming

Many casino operators nowadays are heavily reliant on affiliate traffic, especially one generated by live streams. Ross Parkhill, the managing director at Rhino Entertainment, warns operators that although live streaming can quickly add a lot of volume to their gambling platform, they should be mindful of the streamers they affiliate with. It is better to build a long-term relationship with the streamer, so he can not only attract new customers to the platform but also keep the traffic. If the streamers change operators too much, this could be a red flag.

To eliminate all the risk, concerning the unreliable streamer, casinos should know their affiliates well, added Tobias Svensen, CEO at Casino Grounds. Speaker has stated that operators should look for streamers that promote responsible gambling and don’t engage with fake money.

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