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Is Entertainment Future for iGaming or Its Main Competitor?

17 January 2021, 11:40
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During the iGaming NEXT POWER Hour webinar, experts from various verticals have discussed how a wide range of digital entertainment can influence the industry.

Is Entertainment Future for iGaming or Its Main Competitor?

Is entertainment the future for iGaming? This is the main topic, which has been at issue in many gambling news and articles in 2020 and will remain in 2021. The webinar speakers have provided diverse opinions and mentioned the main sector’s competitors, which “steal” its consumers.

Streaming platforms and Netflix as major competitors

At the start of the discussion, the experts have confirmed that the pandemic has a positive impact on the industry as many operators have marked customer growth. At the same time, new users differ and require an innovative approach to services and products.

It is expected that, while picking up games, players will be more focused on entertainment in 2021. This prognosis is supported by the fact that an average person spends at least four hours a day on content consumption and entertainment. Netflix and streaming services have become the main products of interest.

According to Sam Brown, CCO at Hero Gaming, the current challenge for operators is to enter into consumption of this content. He has added that, although streaming and gambling apps are separated, it will be extremely interesting to see these two worlds being combined. The speaker has also noted that entertainment is the foundation of gambling. It creates many opportunities for exciting collaborations between iGaming providers and other trendy digital types of entertainment. Sam Brown is sure that gambling-related games can make their way in the PlayStation network, for example. As for streaming platforms, the situation is the same. An average user has four streaming subscriptions, which means that this sector has the target audience for operators as well.

streaming platforms

Nicola Longmuir, CCO at Push Gaming, supports this idea saying that the rise of streamers and the popularity of streaming platforms are important for the gambling market. To engage players, it is necessary to engage with streamers. These collaborations are a great tool for web marketing because video content is on the rise.

Shona ODonnell, Head of Strategic Events at Better Collective, has the same opinion: streaming services and Netflix compete with iGaming. However, by contrast with the gambling industry, these products don’t have a negative image. The speaker has said that it is necessary to talk about gambling more openly and create a positive meaning for it. According to her, the percentage of problem gambling is smaller indeed than it is exaggerated.  

The experts have concluded that operators should be adaptable in the highly competitive space of digital entertainment, look for the market trends, and use them to the full extent.

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