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Is 6% Level of Gambling Addiction a Serious Problem for Latvia?

5 November 2020, 16:30
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According to the latest casino news, the Health Ministry of Latvia has held the research of the gambling addiction rate in the country. The results were announced this morning on the local TV by Signe Birne, the chief of the Gambling Supervisory Inspection (GSI).

Is 6% Level of Gambling Addiction a Serious Problem for Latvia?

The representative divided problem gamblers into two categories, stating that 6% of Latvians have clear addiction problems, while 1.3% have an even more serious level of ludomania. She praised the study that was held for the first time in the country but admitted the need to provide suchlike observations regularly to define tendencies.

What is Latvia doing with gambling addiction problems?

At the same time, Birne reminded about the Register of Self-Withdrawn Persons that was launched at the beginning of 2020. This system limits the ability to enter gaming facilities if one added him or herself to the list of problem gamblers. The GSI's chief said that this new system confirmed its effectiveness as many punters were forced to contact the controlling body and asked for canceling the ban as they were checking if the register works.

Another representative of the inspection, Magdalēna Pranaite, said that this restricting system could not be effective without the attentive attitude of addicts' relatives. She has admitted that most of the gambling addicts aren't able to add themselves to the blacklist, while relatives have to be attentive and can help by noticing and reporting about the uncontrolled punters' cases. Also, Pranaite recommended visiting a neurologist or psychiatrist as those are the only professional doctors that can determine the ludomania level.

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