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IRs Received Additional Funding from the Yokohama City Council

24 September 2019, 11:45
Votes: 2

The Yokohama City Council has adopted an additional budget for integrated resorts (IRs). Casino in this area will get over €2 million.

IRs Received Additional Funding from the Yokohama City Council

The decision made by two political parties failed to find support among citizens. Over six hundred protestors representing different groups crowded outside the city hall to show their disapproval of the decision. However, when the budget was adopted by the Council, Mayor Fumiko Hayashi said that she believes this decision reflects the desire of the local people. Her opinion is based on the voting process during the adaptation of the project. Fifty-one council members voted in favor of the project and 33 against.

Besides, Mayor Hayashi claims citizens’ opinion is important for her. She is planning to hold briefings regarding IRs to get feedback from local people. Her aim is to understand what people want in terms of the casino industry.

There are a few companies trying to host an IR in Japan. Melco Resorts is one of them.  According to the operator, Melco’s priority now is Yokohama and the company is making a lot of effort to win the bid to host the casino in this area.

As mentioned earlier, people in Osaka and Yokohama do not support casino legislation. On September 14, a few hundred people held protests in these cities.

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