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IRs in Japan Will Generate GGR of around US$10 Billion

23 September 2019, 14:24
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The rating agency Fitch claims that integrated resorts in Japan will manage to get an annual income of US$10 billion.

IRs in Japan Will Generate GGR of around US$10 Billion

According to a new Fitch’s report, integrated resorts (IRs) in Japan will generate annual gross gaming revenue (GGR) of approximately US$10 billion. It also adds that the extension of the license for a period of ten years obstructs making bank financing more secure.  It is US$3 billion higher in comparison with previous GGR estimations.

Fitch is also positive regarding the 3% limit on casino floor space. It claims this will be achieved thanks to the investments and methodology for measuring the floor space of the casino.

Some issues regarding licence renewal

Earlier Fitch travelled around Japan and communicated with different people. The majority of people they talked to claimed licence renewal would obstruct efforts to make bank financing more secure.  According to Fitch, gaming law in Japan presents a few aspects of risk; one of them is of a political nature. Therefore, the country’s authorities must bring changes to this law on a regular basis.

As mentioned earlier, Japan plans to introduce the casino industry by the end of 2019. The authorities will publish updated rules and regulations in November.

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