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Irish Minister Demands Reform of National Lottery

21 April 2021, 15:00
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As it has been informed in the latest news about the lottery market in Ireland, Michael McGrath who holds the position of the Public Expenditure Minister asks for the revamp of gambling regulations, especially in the lottery sector.

Irish Minister Demands Reform of National Lottery

The Minister wants to make changes in the National Lottery operation and prohibit privately-owned companies from participating in this sector.

What should be changed in Irish National Lottery?

According to McGrath, the government has to impose a ban on private betting firms that provide services related to National Lottery. In his opinion, the variety of bookmakers that offer the same products using different brands may be confusing for customers. The Minister calls into question the legitimacy of the loyalty programs that gambling companies use to attract players to their products. National Lottery isn’t allowed to apply this marketing tool but operators do this.

In addition to this, the Irish government considers spending limits for players, the ban on the usage of credit cards, the prohibition of special offers as well as the active fight against money laundering in the gambling market. Currently, the country’s governing bodies focus mainly on introducing stricter laws for the industry.

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