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Irish Gambling Regulator May Be Appointed in Summer 2021

2 January 2021, 11:01
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As it has been informed in the latest news about the gambling industry in Ireland, soon it will get a regulator.

Irish Gambling Regulator May Be Appointed in Summer 2021

A minister of state at Ireland’s Department of Justice James Browne has said that the regulatory body will be appointed presumably this summer.

What changes will be implemented with the regulator?

The establishment of the gambling regulatory authority will be an addition to the overall changes that will come to the industry. It is expected that the market will face limits on spending, obligatory age verification, and other measures, including a set of new advertising rules. At the same time, loot boxes will remain a controversial topic and the regulator will decide which side to take. According to the state agent, loot boxes can be categorized as e-commerce from technical point of view. However, this gaming feature has a negative effect on underage players.

The minister has noted that the regulator will get much flexibility, especially in the questions related to the difference between gambling and gaming. In general, the regulatory process will be the same as in many other countries – operators will need to obtain a license and follow the requirements.

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