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Ireland Esports Is a New Member of the Global Esports Foundation

9 August 2020, 11:31
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The Global Esports Federation, an international organization, has added Ireland Esports as its new member, as it has been mentioned in the latest esports news.

Ireland Esports Is a New Member of the Global Esports Foundation

This partnership means a wide range of opportunities for Irish professional players. They will be able to take part in the GEF World Championships. In addition to this, the country will participate in the development of the global esports community.

“We are looking forward to developing this exciting partnership”

The representative of Ireland Esports has commented on this collaboration, emphasizing its importance for the country’s esports vertical. It is an excellent chance for Ireland’s esports to come into the spotlight of the international market with the help of the GEF tournaments.

At the current time, GEF includes representatives from fifty-five countries worldwide. It continues to promote itself as the leading organization that gathers together government-regulated representatives of the esports industry. Not so long ago, it also partnered with Organización Deportiva Suramericana and the Olympic Council of Asia.

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