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Iran to Combat Illegal Gambling Business

15 October 2019, 14:49
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After Iran’s attorney general explication regarding non-existence of loopholes in the country’s gambling regulations, the authorities went on the warpath against illegal online gaming operators.

Iran to Combat Illegal Gambling Business

This weekend, according to the Iran News Agency, Iran’s police officers disrupted nine groups, which had been operating sixty-one online betting sites, over the previous two months. It was reported that the sites had handled wagers worth 95.5 million dollars.

The cyber police decided to take serious measures since their chief Vahid Majid informed that five illegal betting rings had been eradicated. Besides, he addressed the public and said that all the people taking part in the illegal operations had been imprisoned and their websites had been shut down.

Iran’s attorney general notified people that the Islamic Republic of Iran did not accept any form of gambling. The official decided to do this as many people arrested for running online gambling sites had claimed that due to the loopholes in the country’s gambling regulations they could operate sites, where their clients got cash prizes for successful predictions of sports events.

However, the attorney general explained that gambling online is equated with land-based betting and all the people who will assist in the creation of these sites or hosting their servers will be punished.

As mentioned earlier, Panama plans to cancel a 5.5% tax on gambling and other betting activities. According to the authorities, it will help to draw on more foreigners.

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