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International Lottery Play Summit in Dubai

25 November 2019, 13:43
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In a first of its kind event held in Dubai, Eventus International will be hosting the International Lottery Play Summit in 2020. The conference will be taking place from 26 to 27 February 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Dubai.

International Lottery Play Summit in Dubai

The summit will focus on four major elements in the lottery business including Regulatory Development, Corporate Social Responsibility approach around the world, Technology Innovations and Marketing Strategies in Lottery.

Some of the topics scheduled to be discussed include:

  • Update on global regulatory perspective in the global lottery market for the coming years;
  • The lottery in your pocket: Apps for iOS and Android;
  • Current technological advances in lottery;
  • Benefits to the society – gender equality, climate change, CSR approach, cultural heritage and education;
  • Lottery as a customer acquisition tool for mainstream business;
  • Key aspects AI regulation – prospects and challenges ahead;
  • Blockchain-based lottery concept - data integrity, AML, CDPR, security;
  • New technology integration and innovation in lottery;
  • Augmented Reality with scratch tickets;
  • Various marketing tools and strategies for different generations;
  • Bigger payouts and a higher jackpot - what does it actually mean in lottery business and the impact on the market,

And many more.

Those who join the summit will:

  • Discover new prospects and opportunities in the lottery market;
  • Meet internationally acclaimed professionals in the industry, stakeholders from the UAE and surroundings;
  • Stay ahead of competitors with new marketing strategies and tools;
  • Source and explore market prospects and generate new business leads;
  • Join the networking opportunities to plug oneself into the lottery ecosystem.

As mentioned earlier, one more new event on the Eventus International agenda for 2020 is Artificial Intelligence in Gaming Summit.

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