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International Agreement for Regulated Betting Markets

13 May 2021, 12:49
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BGC and IBIA have reached an agreement to work globally to coordinate their activities in all existing markets. This alliance will help defend the gambling industry globally, as they have made known to the betting news in a press release. The agreement will help promote and protect the integrity of sports betting.

International Agreement for Regulated Betting Markets

What is the agreement’s focus?

This agreement will focus primarily on regulated markets with protection measures for operators, players, and sports.

The effort made by the IBIA to regulate markets while promoting benchmark models at the international level is known to all. IBIA and BGC share the same regulatory ideals. This collaboration comes after both organizations have worked together in Brazil and are now proud to be able to do it internationally to help the industry. Both entities will exchange information and technology from these relevant markets and others that are emerging. The deal comes after the IBIA has recently reached an agreement with Jdigital in Europe.

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